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"I interviewed at least 10 service providers before connecting with Staar. After our initial consultation, I was confident she was the one. The strategy we developed worked. Within three months of consistent activity, I accepted a highly desirable VP role with a Fortune 100 leader. Because of Staar's guidance and support, 2019 is going to be outstanding. She is an invaluable resource." 


- Craig L.


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Brilliant in the basics. Excellent in the execution


Join senior leaders, subject matter experts, high-achievers, and executives who 


  • interview within 1-3 weeks--sometimes days,

  • receive multiple offers,

  • attract an influx of promotional opportunities,

  • negotiate 20% to 60% salary increases.

Let's create captivating branding materials that position you for ultimate success. Select the plan that works for you now!

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Custom Career Ascension Plans


Found & Freed Career Ascension and Search System

Actionable interview,  job search, professional development, and leadership solutions that help you

  • wow interviewers,

  • strategize your next move,

  • discover better work environments,

  • explore passion projects and potential interests,

  • navigate office politics with ease.

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I didn't just stumble upon career design.


This is years of  trial and error, success and epic failures, professional experience and personal awakenings. I learned the importance of being in constant control of my career and creating my own opportunities the hard way.


Every story relaying the struggles of laid-off, pissed-off, over-qualified, and under-represented people breaks my heart. These tales are visceral reminders of our roles in the creation and management of our careers.

I​ know what works.

Whether you desire to climb the corporate ladder, breakthrough some glass ceilings, establish multiple income streams, or simply carve your own lane in the gig economy, I want to help you constantly evolve in an ever-changing market and workplace.

After nearly a decade partnering with executive leaders on hiring teams as a Talent Acquisition Partner and Recruiter, I understand your challenges. My strategies are realistic and circumvent the norm.


It's not magic. The results are in the execution.

We design a career path that resonates with your personal mission and beliefs while increasing your exposure, industry recognition, and community and global impact.


We don't concern ourselves with ATS systems or qualifications lists. We work the plan. I'm ready to help you get noticed, courted, fast-tracked, promoted with Found & Freed's proven methods and strategies. 

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