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Talent Acquisition Management


To remain successful, you need the right people in the right positions. Let's assess your current talent management plan.

With your vision and mission in mind, we'll partner to create competencies and profiles that illustrate your ideal thought leaders, movers, and innovators. We'll also take time to perfect a culture that fully aligns with your organizational goals and attracts the great minds you desire.
It doesn't end there. You'll receive an organizational roadmap that propels your talent acquisition efforts to new heights. 

Corporate Outplacement


Compassionate Career Transition


Finding a job takes more than a webinar or tutorial. We offer consistent support and position-specific advice. 


  • 100% of our coaching clients interview within 30 to 45 days 

  • 93% begin new roles within six months

  • 85% receive offers within 60 days

During our intake session, we'll create timely solutions that address your team's situation. It's my job to listen and prepare you for all aspects of outplacement. I'll provide flexible and effective options that align with your company's and transitioning employees' goals.

Career Services Workshops


For Academic Institutions:

Help your students shine their lights! You've enriched their minds and lives; now it's time for others to benefit. 

Generic resumes and interview answers won't cut it in today's market. Your future alums deserve a competitive edge that allows them to land those key internships, design fulfilling careers, or create stellar companies. 

This program is tailored to your desires and institutional guidelines in order to catapult the success of your student body. Arm them with the knowledge of career branding and professional development they can apply for years to come. 

For Organizations:

When your employees succeed, it shows everywhere. Retention, productivity, morale, the quality of referrals, and profits all increase.  

Your employees are your most significant investment. It's important to offer them valuable information that allows them to take control of their careers and organizational goals. 

This goes deeper than your typical succession planning or online courses offered through your company's academy. Don't wait another day to equip your team with customized career branding and career development plans. 

Custom Solutions Session


This is not a sales meeting. Your Custom Solutions Session is all about your organization's needs.

Let's uncover challenges, opportunities, and strategy together. The action plan you receive is yours to implement as you choose. 
If you elect to partner with Staarland Career Design + Consulting, your initial investment of $297 is applied to your project balance. 

"Staarland played a huge role in our staffing efforts as our business expanded. The Talent Acquisition Strategy we received allowed us to overcome this challenge quickly. Market changes were making it difficult for us to attract the support we needed. After working with her, we were able to decrease our cost per hire by 15% and have seen a strong improvement in the quality of our hires."



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